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  Tricot Loop – 100% Polyester, low pile loop fabrics for applications requiring low peel strength, compatible with Velcro hook.
Width: 54". Stock: Black, White, Beige.
  Knitted Loop – 100% Nylon high pile loop fabric for applications requiring wide loop. Compatible with Velcro hook.
Width: 60". Stock: Black, White.
  Nylon Tricot – A 100% nylon low pile loop fabric for applications requiring low peel strength. Compatible with Hook fastener. Width: 54", Stock: Black, White, Beige.
  U-Loop – Low pile loop fabric, Velcro hook compatible.
Width: 54". Stock: Black.
  U.B.L. – Unbroken loop fabric, provides high pile, high strength, and Velcro hook compatible, durability.
Width: 54". Stock: Black.
  SS U.B.L. – Unbroken loop fabric,81% Nylon + 19% Spandex, low pile, 4 way high stretch, compatible with Velcro hook, soft and comfortable.
Width: 54". Stock: Black.
  SS Jersey – 80% Nylon + 20% Spandex, 4 way high stretch jersey, soft, good for sporting apparel, shirts, pants, wet suit and rash guards..
Width: 54". Stock: Black.
  Perfectex – 45% Polyester + 25% Spandex + 30% Mono. Thickness: 5 mm. Airmesh fabric, a unique combination fabric with Spandex keeps day and cool, breathable. 4 way stretch, soft and comfortable. Good for inner shoes, sporting and medical braces, back supports and anything needs a cushion.
Width: 48 ". Stock: Black.
  SS Airmesh – A unique combination fabric with Polyester/Spandex/Mono. Thickness: 1.5 - 2.0 mm. Airmesh with super high 4 way stretch, soft, comfortable, breathable and cool. Good for sporting and medical braces, supports.
Width: 38 ". Stock: Black.
  Lytpuly – TPU laminatd 2 side with Lycra fabric, waterproof, breathable, with high stretch, soft, comfortable. Good for sporting apparel, shorts, shirts, and medical braces.
Width: 54". Stock: Black.
  TPO (Non Slip) – Non slip fabric, TPO laminated with Polyester/Nylon, or without lamination as a hot helt material. Waterproof, anti abrasion, washable, non-slip on low and high temperture, and dry and wet, best grip material, can be sewn or ultrasonic, R/F and hot roller or heat blower. Good for any products nee non slip.
Width: 54". Stock: Black.
  Lycra – Nylon/Spandex.
Width 44", weight. Stock: Black, White.
  Mesh – 100% polyester
Width: 60". Stock: Black.


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