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PVC Coated Fabrics

PVC Coated Vinyl

The Coated PVC is used to produce Truck Covers, Lumber Tarps, Asphalt Tarps, Inflatable's, Containment Booms, Industrail Curtains, Athletic Pads, Insulated Bulkheads, Dock Seals, Concrete Curing Blankets, Laundry Carts and Tarpaulins.

The coated materials include the following properties: Extremely Strong and Durable, High Tensile and Tear Strength.

We offer them standard industrial grade. There is no Fire Rating on our standard coated materials. However, we can have them made to comply to any fire rating.

Available Items
10 oz.    x   61" x 100 yds. Coated
14 oz.    x   61” x 100 yds. Coated
18.5 oz. x   61” x 100 yds. Coated
18.5 oz. x   61” x 100 yds. Coated, NFPA-701
18.5 oz. x 126” x 100 yds. Coated
22 oz.    x   61” x 100 yds Coated
40 oz.    x   61” x   50 yds Coated

Available Colors
White, Gray, Black, Light Blue, Royal/Ocean Blue, Navy Blue, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Tan/Beige, Brown

Custom Order Colors
Pink, Purple, Lime Green, Burgundy
Custom Color Match Service Available

Note: Not all sizes are availalbe in all colors.
Call for availability.

All stocked rolls are: Mildew Resistant
UV Stabilized

Special Orders
Custom Roll Sizes
Color Matches
Special Properties


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