Neoprene Bottle Holder
Nylon Zippers
Hook and Loop Fasteners
Neoprene Can Holder
Braided Elastic
Knitted Elastic
Neoprene Neoprene Sheets
Nylon Zippers Polypropylene Webbing
Knitted Elastic Neoprene Bottle Holder
Plastic Buckles Braided Elastic
Neoprene Can Holder Hook and Loop
Hook and Loop Fasteners Webbing


Neoprene Sheets


If you do not find your desired scissors orclippers, we welcome your creativity. Please send new functional and or design idea in mind, we can provide 3D design services to assist you in creating your perfect visual prototypes.
Polypropylene Webbing
3" Folding Scissors,
Neoprene Bottle Holder
4" Thread Clippers,
sharp enough to cut through
8-ply regular fabrics
Hook and Loop Fasteners
5" Thread Nippers
Neoprene Can Holder
8" Stainless Scissors,
lightweight, orange handle

Plastic Buckles
Tailors Shears,
chrome plated
#A-412, 12"

Braided Elastic
8 1/2" High Quality Scissors
black handle