TPO is developed for applications requiring anti-slip or non-slip characteristics, as well as for those requiring water resistance, high strength resistance, temperature resistance ( -70ºC - 200ºC), and oil resistance. It is also shockproof, anti-aging, environmentally friendly, and can be laminated to PE, PVC, ABS, or to any fabric. TPO non-slip film can also be used without laminating as hot melt sheets.

Width: 54"
Thickness: 0.1mm - 2.0mm
Packing: 50 yards - 200 yards per roll.
Surface: With light texture and regular texture
Melt Point: about 150ºC - 250ºC
Printing: Heat transfer

Application: Mats, pads, non-slipping shoulder pads, non-slipping computer pads, safety equipment...etc.