TPU FOAM is both lightweight and high impact resistant, and provides great flexuosity, abrasion resistance, and aging resistance. It also has the outstanding feature of being printable. TPU Foam can be used for packing materials for electronic devices, shoe materials, floating devices for rubber dinghys and life vests, sporting and orthopedic protection devices and equipments, seat cushions for automibles, bikes, and furniture...etc

Width: 53 " - 60"
Thickness: 0.4mm -3.0mm
Packing: 30 yards - 100 yards
Hardness: 65A - 95A
Specific Gravity: 0.3g/cm - 0.8g/cm

Application: sporting and orthopedic products, products that must be quakeproof, waterproof, and/or abrasion resistance, aging resistance, and cushioning.