The Ether series has the superior features of being capable of withstanding low temperature while also being hydrolysis-resistant, mildew-resistant, and inherently anti-microbial.

The product is waterproof with water pressure resistance 10,000mmH2O and above, and moisture vapor transmission can reach 1,500 - 14,000 g/m per day (ASTM E86BW) and above. It can be laminated single or double-side with fabrics. It also allows lamination with other resistant materials such as 3D electroplating film, Nylon6 film, electroplating mesh material, fiberglass fabric, carbon fabric...etc.

Width: 40" - 60"
Thickness: 0.02mm - 2.0mm
Packing: 30yards - 200 yards per roll

Application: Any liquid bag and water products requiring high water pressure resistance, inflatable products, bladders, compliant anti-microbial products, surgical sheets, hospital prison, and other institutional mattresses, and various other health care products..




The Ester series has the superior featuers of being heat and cold temperature resistant, chemical resistant, and abrasion resistant. It possesses high tear strength, maintains flexbility in low temperatures, possesses a low transfiguration rate, and is oil resistant. These products are used as a substitute for PVC/VINYL products

The Ester series is available for use with hot melt adhesive, high UV resistant and fire retardant products, and food and medical products with FDA and NSF approval in the USA

Width: 40" - 60"
Thickness: 0.25mm - 2.0mm
Hardness: 65A - 95A
Surfaces available: transparent, semi-transparent, matted, glossy, color, and textured...etc.

Application: Garments, sporting goods, furniture, automotive, medical supports...etc. We can provide custom films to meet the customer's unique applications.